BSR-300 Silicone Rubber Flexible, 300 VAC Lead Wire

  • Broad range of gauge sizes, from 14 AWG - 26 AWG, to meet your application requirements.
  • Choice of stranding options lets you select the flexibility your application demands.
  • Choice of platings includes tin, Silver and nickel.
  • Wide range of color options includes the 12 most commonly used colors, plus fluorescents all with striping options.

Product Description

Conductor: 14 - 26 AWG copper conductors. Choice of tin, silver or nickel plated. Alloys, stainless steel and others available upon request. Stranding options range from 7/34 to 168/36.

Insulation: High performance, flexible and durable premium grade Silicone Rubber.

Voltage: 300 VAC

Tin Plated 150oC Nickel/Silver 200oC

Color Availability:
Standard 12 + fluorescent colors with striping options

Minimum Order: 100 feet

Special Markings:
Custom printing available

Packaging: 100, 500, 1000 foot spools or per customer requirements.

Cut to Length Pieces:
Available upon request.

Product Performance

Voltage Rating: 300 VAC

Temperature: Tin Plated 150oC Nickel/Silver 200oC

Stranding for conventional applications, high flexibility and high reliability

Colors for easy termination

UL Approved

Ozone, flame, abrasion, fungus, chemical, moisture, and radiation resistant.

Industrial Applications

Bay's BSR-300 flexible, silicone rubber lead wire is commonly used in appliances and electronic devices with demanding temperature requirements as well as high flame and abrasion resistance, and flexibility.

Applications include appliances, motors, lighting fixtures, clothes dryers, stoves, therapeutic devices, and electronic devices.

Bay's BSR-300 is selected for its long flex life, durability under extreme conditions, ease of termination, and custom colors including fluorescents for easy routing.


  • Unlike conventional insulation systems, BSR-300 is unaffected by ozone created through high voltage corona.
  • BSR-300 is virtually immune to fungus, harsh chemicals and radiation.
  • BSR-300's non-hydroscopic properties prevents moisture absorption resulting in cable degradation.
  • Bay's BSR-300 meets the stringent requirements of the VW-1 flammability test

Industry Approvals: UL 3211

  • The durability and non-degradation properties of Bay's BSR-300 results in no system downtime due to replacement or associated repairs, equaling low installation cost over system life.
  • The limpness and flexibility of BSR-300 makes system routing simple. The fluorescent colors allow for easy identification in limited light conditions.