Flow meter, coax cable assembly, silicone jacketed with BNC

We produce coaxial cable assemblies and are equipped to produce a wide range of interconnect products. The vast majority of these are custom designs for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Coaxial assemblies may be single lead cable, or the coaxial lead may be incorporated into a multi-conductor composite cable.

Our customers’ customers demand performance. So, we frequently receive requests for cable assemblies that will hold up under extreme conditions, such as coiled cords that will remain flexible at low temperatures, or cable assemblies that can withstand pulling and tugging without electrical failures or intermittence. For example, the assemblies might attach to data input equipment used in warehouses. With people jumping on and off forklifts, it is a fact of life that cables will occasionally snag on the equipment and stress the connection. We welcome products that have demanding performance specifications. We thrive on the design challenge. To meet these challenges, we rely on our team’s broad manufacturing experience and the expertise of our suppliers.