Medical foot pedal, silicone lay-flat cable

Pictured is a straight cable assembly produced for a medical foot pedal. This assembly features a mechanical, circular connector soldered to a silicone rubber-jacketed cable. Our supple silicone rubber-jacketed cable assembly lies flat on the floor, making it ideal for examination and operating environments. We work with our customers to satisfy all specifications, such as UL, CSA, ETO, and autoclave sterilization.

Details: 10 conductor 24 AWG (105/44) tinned copper; FEP insulation; overall braided copper shield; black silicone rubber jacket; circular push-pull connector

These are custom, one-of-a-kind products. Durable, tough, and with a cable designed to lay flat on the floor, the assemblies feature quick-release, circular push-pull connectors for ease of use. The lay-flat foot pedal cable is ideal for examination and operating room environments. Since our customer's products see frequent exposure to cleaning and multiple sterilizations, its orthopaedic drill cables are sheathed in highly flexible silicone rubber. Cable and connectors will withstand autoclave sterilization process. Details include 10-conductor 24 AWG (105/44) tinned copper, FEP insulation, overall braided copper shield, a black silicone rubber jacket, and the circular push-pull connector.

We manufacture a range of components for medical equipment.

Custom orthopedic drill and medical foot pedal cables are only two of the many types of specialized mechanical and molded cable assemblies from Bay Associates. We combine design expertise with problem-solving skills, customer interaction and support, and state-of-the-art equipment to create robust and reliable custom interconnect systems for the medical field.

Some of the components we design and manufacture for electro-surgical and diagnostic medical equipment include coiled retractile cords, custom overmolded cable assemblies with PC boards, and interconnect products designed to meet the exacting standards of the medical equipment industry.